70 Badass Andrew Tate Quotes

Explore our collection of Andrew Tate quotes to build strong masculine character, developing a strong inner work ethic, and being true to oneself.

The most googled person in the world right now is an American-British former kickboxer sensation, Emory Andrew Tate III. Tate’s advise on how to become successful and have a strong mentality has made him incredibly well-known among young men.

But because of his opinions and views on women, there are some people who think of him as a misogynist. Whether you like him or not, he has some insightful things to say on success, strong character, and mental toughness. Check out our latest collection of Andrew Tate quotes that will change your perspective on life:

Andrew Tate quotes about success

Tate gives three keys for success; freedom, network and the physical presence. Check out some Andrew Tate quotes that will support you in your journey to achieve greatness:

“You ain’t a man if you’re not free. If you’re working your actor, you’re a slave. And you may sit there. I’m not a slave, I get paid really well.”

“If you’re not free, you’re not a man. So you should always be working towards freedom. And I mean freedom with your time…do what you want. Freedom with your location…go where you want.”

“The next thing that constitutes success to me is your network. Who are you talking to? Who are these people? Who will answer your phone calls?”

“I’ve got two phones right here, and I can call one of many multimillionaires. And when they see my name, they’re going to pick up the phone. They’re like, ’What’s up, Tate?’ Because they know I don’t call for no bullshit here.”

“I need to get a network of high net worth individuals who are or not even rich men, but men who are driven, men who are making money.”

Andrew Tate quotes about success

“And I need to find a way to talk to them, work for them, learn what they know; so I can become one of them.”

“For people to view us successfully, you need good body language, the physical presence.”

“A man who’s not dangerous…a man who has no physicality will never be seen as successful.”

“I’m rich and I go to you have I’ll break your neck. Look how big my hand is…I’ll grab you by your neck choking to die. You successful now, I’m breathing and you’re not. So I’m more successful than you.”

“You have geographical time freedom…you’re now genuinely successful.”

Motivational Andrew Tate quotes to build strong character

These list of Andrew Tate quotes below can develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence. They can also help you develop strong character traits like resilience and determination.

“Your mentality is heavily linked to your reality.”

“The fact that most people have such weak mindsets comes from the fact that they have a weak life, a weak body, a weak social circle, a weak network, a weak bank account, a weak relationship. And then their mind is weak.”

“Whereas if you had a group of soldiers around you, men who were dedicated…who would ride or die with you if you were strong, if you’re a woman who would never leave you no matter what, cause she idolizes you; then your mentality would be strong, your mind would be strong by extension.”

“Why does it have to be easy? Why can’t it be hard and difficult? Why can’t you suffer? Because suffering is what gives it value.”

“If everyone had a six pack and it was quick and easy, then it wouldn’t be valuable, would it?”

Motivational Andrew Tate quotes to build strong character

“The fact that you just said you wanted it quick and easily shows that your whole mental model is flawed.”

“If everyone walked around with a quick the six pack and they got it easily and no one would give it. The whole point is that’s difficult. Value is linked to difficulty.”

“If you want something that is valuable, you need something which is difficult to obtain.”

“You shouldn’t be thinking about quick and easy. But, you should be think about hard suffering, pain going through it as we should be thinking about.”

“You’re depressed. Okay. Get up, go for a run, lift more weights, make more money, get a second job, get more girls like you can outrun depression.”

Encouraging Andrew Tate quotes for young generations

“I’m telling the younger generation that if they don’t get up and work hard and make sure that they’re important, that the world’s not going to get about them.”

“You have to go through some pain or go through some suffering to make people care about you. Otherwise, you’re not going to matter as a dude if you walk into the party and you’ve put no effort into your life.”

“If you want to stay kissable, then stay capable. But I can’t live that way.”

“I would refuse to live that way as a disgrace to my bloodline is a disgrace to my parents who struggled to raise me for me to be anything other than the best version of myself. That’s honor I have honor to my last name and to my and to my ancestry. This is down to you, my friend.”

“You need to get the atmosphere of people around you who are going to keep you accountable and not make it easy for you to continue to be a fucking nobody. And then you’re going to fix your life. Otherwise you going to stay…nobody.”

Encouraging Andrew Tate quotes for young generations

“You can’t control other people, you can’t control the weather, you can’t control anything. The only thing you can affect in genuine, real time is how you feel in your head.”

“I do not feel like training, but I still train because I’m a disciplined individual. You don’t get to go through life only doing the things you feel like doing.”

“I refuse to accept that there are people out there who cannot become happy, contented individuals. I refuse to accept.”

“We live in a world where God is creating people who, no matter how hard they work and how good their life becomes, can’t be happy. I don’t accept that.”

“I accept that the universe is a very giving place and that God loves all of us. And if you try your best and you work hard, you can become a better person.”

Andrew Tate quotes on money

“Money can’t buy happiness. I agree, but money is the third most important thing in the world versus your relationship versus your health.”

“You have to get yourself in a position where you’re making enough money. You don’t know what to talk about and you don’t understand money. So go learn how money works, go learn how a bank works or the real estate market, any of it.”

“I understand that the last housing price crash why it happened. I understand mortgage rates and how that’s affected by interest rates. Understand it. And then go sit with someone else who understands it and talk about it.”

“People should, even if they haven’t got a penny in the world, should be going to these meetings about real estate, about investing. That especially if it’s cheap, they should go.”

“Just meet other people who at least have money. Have conversations about money…talk about it. How are you going to get what you don’t talk about?”

Andrew Tate quotes on money

“People think that money is in these large, stagnant pools, hidden, hidden in people’s bank accounts. That’s not really true. Money is constantly moving all the time.”

“I think that’s the new modern way to view the world. It’s an attention economy, it doesn’t matter what you do. If you’re getting attention, you’ll make money.”

“One habit that people need to adopt and this is a habit I had for a very long time, and I’ve actually recently cleared it from my brain because I’ve reached a point where peace of mind is worth more than money.”

“But every single time money is spent, you need to identify how your money was taken from you.”

“You can make a bunch of money, but you need to take responsibility and do it.”

Andrew Tate quotes to enhance mental strength

“I don’t believe depression as a clinical disease is real. I believe that the number one power you have against these things are taking trying to take control of your own mind and affecting your own life.”

“The things that made them feel better is when they woke up and said; You know what, I’m not going to allow this to damage me anymore. I’m going to take responsibility, I’m going to get up and going to fight this as hard as I can.”

“Depression is the ultimate motivation. Oh, so you’re depressed. Okay. That is, you come along to me and you tell me you’re depressed. I expect to see a huge list of what you’re achieving per day.”

“You’re unhappy with your life…you’re depressed. I don’t expect you to be popping pills to sit and lay in bed. I expect you to give me a huge list of everything you’re achieving per day.”

“I think there’s a whole bunch of men in the world who understands my value. And if if men grow up to be like me, you’re going to have a whole bunch of people with no criminal record, dedicated athletes who protect to provide for the people close to them.”

Andrew Tate quotes to enhance mental strength

“You have to become important.”

“I need to get body language and physicality, I need to become big and dangerous, I need to be able to display that without saying.”

“If you decide not to build yourself, then your life is going to suck.”

“You take personal responsibility and understand you’re living in a world where the matrix can be cracked.”

“Taking control of life, taking personal responsibility and working hard is always going to be the positive, best thing they can possibly do for their life going forward.”

Thought-provoking Andrew Tate quotes

“The people who make the rules don’t make the rules for the benefit of everybody.”

“They make the rules to the benefit of the people who make the rules of the game. So I’m telling people to resist a slave mind and just be critically.”

“Critical thinkers keep their brain open, pay attention to things, be perspicacious.”

“The average people come to me and say, ‘What do I do? I’m just the average guy.’ So my only answer, ‘You can’t just be the average guy anymore.'”

“The idea from the 1950s that you can just be the normal, average, law abiding, hardworking citizen and you’ll have a good life is gone. Any man out here who goes, ‘I’m just going to work hard, do my bit, and obey the laws, and I’ll have a good life.’ No, you won’t…No, you will.”

“Not just doing your jobs never make you rich because you’re going to be taxed into infinity and you’re gonna stay broke. So just obeying laws and doing your job now has set you up to be a pawn, a slave for eternity.”

“My main message is to resist a slave mine, to understand that every single thing you’re being told has an agenda behind that where you would be told otherwise to examine every strongly held belief you have and try and identify where it comes from and why you have it.”

“Success for a man actually comes in many realms. It’s not it’s actually nothing to do with being good at your job. Having money. Yeah. You don’t have to be good at your job.”

“I don’t know about you gentlemen, but every time I run out of money in my bank and I thought, I’m going to sit around and hope for something to come, it never really work now.”

Motivation Andrew Tate quotes for working hard

Motivation is key to leading a successful life. Unfortunately, most people don’t have it in them to work hard. If you’re feeling lazy or unmotivated, read one of motivational Andrew Tate quotes and get back on track!

“The world’s getting harder and harder, especially for men. It’s all clouds, all states, it’s all there’s no way you’re going to matter unless you get up and you work extremely hard.”

“Should young men aspire to work very hard, have no criminal record, become multimillionaires, protect to provide for the women close to them, the sovereigns, so they can stand up and have their own points of view and face of cancelation.”

“Strong men who stand up and protect and provide for women are a good thing for the world and a good force for the world.”

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

“I’m a man who’s always believed and I think every man understands this action over in action. Tomorrow you got to do something and you got to do something fast.”

“My woman would never have to work unless she wanted to, because I’m the kind of person who works hard enough.”

“The average man doesn’t try very hard. So if you try very hard, it’s impossible to be average.”

“Close your eyes. Focus on making yourself feel excited, powerful. Imagine yourself destroying goals with ease.”

“The amount of stress you can tolerate while remaining effective is directly correlated to the level of success you will enjoy.”

“People who train every day do not want to train every day. They are not motivated to train every day. They have something else, they are disciplined.”

Final thought

These Andrew Tate quotes offer great advice on how to build strong character, achieve success, and gain mental strength. These insights can help any individual strive for their goals and become the best version of themselves. If you want to achieve any of these goals, it’s important to develop these traits early on in your life, so you can build a strong foundation for future success.

Did you enjoy our Andrew Tate quotes? I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did. If you have any favorite quotes from or Andrew Tate that you would like to share, please do so in the comments below! Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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