110 Life is Unfair Quotes – Transform Struggle to Triumph

Discover a collection of life is unfair quotes that explore perspectives on injustice, inequality, and the human condition in daily life.

Life is often said to be unfair, and it’s a sentiment that many people can relate to. Whether it’s facing challenges in one’s personal or professional life, or simply witnessing others experiencing hardship, it can be difficult to reconcile the idea that life can be so cruel and unjust.

One of the reasons why life can seem unfair is because of the concept of randomness. Many events in life are determined by chance, such as winning the lottery or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We may compare ourselves to those who are more fortunate and wonder why we weren’t dealt the same hand.

Another reason why life can seem unfair is because of the concept of inequality. Some people are born into more privileged circumstances than others and may have more opportunities and resources available to them. This can lead to feelings of resentment and frustration, as we may feel that we have been dealt an unfair hand in comparison to others.

Despite these challenges, it is important to remember that life is also full of beauty and meaning. It is possible to find joy and happiness in life, even amidst adversity. One way to do this is by developing a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the things we do have, rather than focusing on what we lack.

Many notable figures throughout history have shared their thoughts on this topic through life is unfair quotes. The collection of “life is unfair quotes” can be a source of inspiration for anyone going through difficult times, providing a perspective to help them navigate through their troubles. Enjoy!

Disappointment life is unfair quotes

The sentiment of life being unfair often stems from the feeling that things happen to us that we have no control over, and that we do not deserve. These life is unfair quotes can offer words of wisdom and comfort in difficult times. Let them helping to put our experiences in perspective and encouraging us to persevere in the face of adversity!

I felt the unfairness of it, the inarguable injustice of loving someone who might have loved you back but can’t due to deadness.
John Green

Why bad things happen to good people.
Harold S. Kushner

I wanted to show the real side of me because of the unfair things that people said about me, but I realized that it was impossible and tried to think of why people thought of me in that manner.
Kim Jong–hyun

Disappointment life is unfair quotes

If we keep telling that life is unfair but do nothing serious about it, then life will forever continue to remain unfair!
Mehmet Murat ildan

I know the world isn’t fair, but why isn’t it ever unfair in my favor?
Bill Watterson

Life isn’t fair. It never will be. Quit trying to make it fair. You don’t need it to be fair. Go make life unfair to your advantages.
Robert Kiyosaki

There is always inequality in life. Some men are killed in a war and some men are wounded and some men never leave the country. Life is unfair.
John F. Kennedy

inspiring life is unfair quotes

Life is cruel and unfair, my friends, and that is fact.
Stephen Jenkins

The only thing that makes life unfair is the delusion that it should be fair.
Dr. Steve Maraboli

Life, I’ve learned is never fair. If people teach anything in school that should be it.
Nicholas Sparks

Deep life is unfair quotes

Check out these life is unfair quotes that fall under this category usually offer a sobering. But they also a empowering perspectives on the realities of life, encouraging us to embrace the struggles and find meaning in them.

Life is unfair but remember sometimes it is unfair in your favour.
Peter Ustinov

There is always inequity in life. Some men are killed in war and some men are wounded; some men never leave the country, some men are stationed in the Antarctic and some are stationed in San Francisco. It’s very hard in military or in personal life to assure complete equality. Life is unfair.
John F. Kennedy

Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.
Oscar Wilde

Deep life is unfair quotes

Though the brain says all is well, the soul is lost, confused, doesn’t know why life is being unfair to it. But we still wake up in the morning.
Paulo Coelho

Life is savagely unfair. It ignores our deep–seated convictions and places a disproportionate emphasis on the decisions we make in split seconds.
Chris Cleave

Rather than being incensed by the nature of the bruise, maybe we should be inspired by the possibilities in the bruise.
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Such is the villainy of the universe’s trickery – Moments commit mistakes and decades endure the misery.
Adeel Ahmed Khan

insightful life is unfair quotes

It’s not fair. It’s not our fault. We have no say in our own lives. We’re living a fairy tale someone else wrote.
Melissa de la Cruz

Who says life is fair, where is that written?
William Goldman

Life happened. In all its banality, brutality, cruelty, unfairness. But also in its beauty, pleasures, and delights. Life happened.
Thrity Umrigar

Inspirational life is unfair quotes

These life is unfair quotes remind us that the difficulties and unfairness that we face in our lives can be used as a tool for personal development and for reaching our full potential:

It is the fairness of life that makes it seem unfair.
Gift Gugu Mona

Not to him who is offensive to us are we most unfair, but to him who doth not concern us at all.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Mountains are not fair or unfair, they are just dangerous.
Reinhold Messner

inspirational life is unfair quotes

If knowing answers to life’s questions is absolutely necessary to you, then forget the journey. You will never make it, for this is a journey of unknowables – of unanswered questions, enigmas, incomprehensibles, and, most of all, things unfair.
Jeanne Marie

Try to learn to let what is unfair teach you.
David Foster Wallace

Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive. You will thrive in spite of it.
Joel Osteen

Although I know it’s unfair, I reveal myself one mask at a time.
Stephen Dunn

thought-provoking life is unfair quotes

Sometimes, life is unfair, and you have to suck it up and move on and not use it as an excuse.
Robert Kraft

Isn’t there much more to life than ending it on a note that is not only out of tune but also unfair to us?
Nitya Prakash

Soothe your throats. Injustice has not followed you here.
Patrick Ness

Life is unfair quotes

The following life is unfair quotes speak to the universal human experience of facing life’s unfairness and remind us that we are not alone in our struggles.

Humanity should question itself, once more, about the absurd and always unfair phenomenon of war, on whose stage of death and pain only remain standing the negotiating table that could and should have prevented it.
Pope John Paul II

Life is unfair. And it’s not fair that life is unfair.
Edward Abbey

There’s a difference between the fact that the universe is inherently unfair on a cosmic level, and the fact that life is unfair because people are actively making it so.
John Scalzi

I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect.
Oscar Wilde

On the whole, life is unfair in the way it works out. It is a game played without an umpire!
Ursula Bloom

It is very unfair to judge any body’s conduct, without an intimate knowledge of their situation.
Jane Austen

The rich, by unfair combinations, contribute frequently to prolong a season of distress among the poor.
Thomas Malthus

Greatness is best measured by how well an individual responds to the happenings in life that appear to be totally unfair, unreasonable, and undeserved.
Marvin J. Ashton

It may well be that creativity is the last unfair advantage we’re legally allowed to take over our competitors.
William Bernbach

It is unfair to blame man too fiercely for being pugnacious; he learned the habit from Nature.
Christopher Morley

Quotes about life being unfair

Allow these life is unfair quotes can help to put things in perspective and remind us that while life may not always be fair:

Yeah, it’s unfair that you can get judged by something you didn’t do, but it’s also unfair that you can inherit money that you didn’t work for.
Chris Rock

It is important to feel the anger without judging it, without attempting to find meaning in it. It may take many forms: anger at the health–care system, at life, at your loved one for leaving. Life is unfair. Death is unfair. Anger is a natural reaction to the unfairness of loss.
Elisabeth Kubler–Ross

In liberal logic, if life is unfair then the answer is to turn more tax money over to politicians, to spend in ways that will increase their chances of getting reelected.
Thomas Sowell

Today we live in a cash–for–trash world. Anyone can stand up and say anything unkind, unfair or completely untrue about you, and then they are rewarded financially for it … because life is unfair.
Kathie Lee Gifford

So I came to the realization: Nothing in life is unfair. It’s just life.
Rob Lowe

I will never deny that life isn’t fair. It seems as though when a woman leaves a man she is strong and independent, but when a man leaves a woman he is a pig and a jerk.
Criss Jami

If our view is limited to mortal life, some things become unbearable because they seem so unfair and so permanent.
Boyd K. Packer

I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable.
Oscar Wilde

Do not complain of life’s unfairness. It is never fair – at best it is impartial.
David Gemmell

I prefer the most unfair peace to the most righteous war.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Sadness life is unfair quotes

If you feel down, sad, grief, or despair, these life is unfair quotes reflect on these emotions and experiences. Read on as they can provide comfort and understanding to those who are going through difficult times:

The saddest thing in life is to see people suffer from hunger and POVERTY in a world of PLENTY.
Mouloud Benzadi

Sometimes life seems unfair. It always rains the hardest on the people who deserve the sun.

Sorrowful ones remained sad even with the passing of time, yet happy ones could never be recreated – not with the same joy. Remembering bred its own peculiar sorrow. It seemed so unfair: that time should render both sadness and happiness into a source of pain.
Rohinton Mistry

One of the great tragedies of life, it seems to me, is when a person classifies himself as someone who has no talents or gifts.
Marvin J. Ashton

For us to conclude that we have no gifts when we judge ourselves by stature, intelligence, grade-point average, wealth, power, position, or external appearance is not only unfair but unreasonable.
Marvin J. Ashton

The strength to quietly endure things – unfairness, misfortune, sadness, mistakes, misunderstandings.
Haruki Murakami

Sometimes life seemed particularly unfair, unduly harsh, and beyond bearing.
Amy Harmon

The sadness of life is that we’re all alone, but the joy of life is that we can all come together in spite of that.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Suffering, you see, is a kind of anger. We rage against the unfairness, the injustice of our sad and sorry lot.
Gregory David Roberts

Life is so unfair quotes

Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will.
Jawaharlal Nehru

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.
William Mather Lewis

Life is not always fair. Sometimes you get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow.
Terri Guillemets

How absurd it was that in all seven kingdoms, the weakest and most vulnerable of people – girls, women – went unarmed and were taught nothing of fighting, while the strong were trained to the highest reaches of their skill.
Kristin Cashore

Life is not fair, but it’s still good.
Dr. Robert Schuller

This is so unfair to you. (Ryssa)
Life isn’t about being fair. It’s not about justice. It’s all about endurance and how much we can suffer through. (Acheron)
Sherrilyn Kenyon

The rules of capitalization are so unfair to words in the middle.
John Green

Life is not always fair. Sometimes the dice roll in your favor, sometimes they roll against you.
Philip Roth

You know, I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them? So, now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe.
J. Michael Straczynski

Life is not fair; it’s just fairer than death, that’s all.
William Goldman

Quotes about unfairness of life

Check out these insightful life is unfair quotes can be a powerful tool in helping us to find the strength to keep going and to see the light at the end of the tunnel:

Life inspires me. Life is unfair, unkind and unforeseeable. It knocks you down when you least expect it.
Lisa De Jong

Life becomes so unfair when you don’t get what others do. But don’t worry, God has decided something better for you.
Vj Nadar

The problem isn’t that life is unfair – it’s our broken idea of fairness. Meaning, our idea of fairness is self–centered.
Tony Warrick

I condemn, for all climes and for all times, secret murders and unfair methods even for a fair cause.
Mahatma Gandhi

Life is so unfair that one is more likely to get into some sort of trouble than be rewarded if one attempts to do a good deed; many times one spends time and resources to help someone only to be totally ignored with not so much as a thank you.
John P. Grier

There’s a lot of expectation after you do something that seems to have been well received. It’s kind of unfair.
Angel Olsen

Never complain or make excuses. If something seems unfair, just prove yourself by working twice as hard and being twice as good.
Amy Chua

If life is unfair with everyone, doesn’t that make life fair?
Thabang Gideon Magaola

The happiest people don’t bother about whether life is unfair. They just concentrate on what they have.
Andrew Matthews

One must never forget that life is unfair. But sometimes, with a bit of luck, this works in your favour.
Peter Mayle

Life is unfair quotes for woman

These life is unfair quotes speak to the frustration that many women feel in the face of life’s unfairness:

We cannot blame women for being frustrated because they fear the injustice of being under headship that itself is not accountable.
Stu Weber

The expectations of women are sometimes so unfair.
Clea DuVall

I believe that there are three conditions to a woman’s beauty. First, you must realize that not all women are beautiful all of the time. Sometimes beauty comes on a subconscious level. When she is in love, or has met someone new and exciting, she shines. Second, you must understand that life is unfair. Beauty is something that, for some, must be worked at. The third condition is luck. Some women can just be lucky.
Yohji Yamamoto

I’m not afraid to talk about the fact that women get paid less than men in the United States and how unfair that is. Talking about it at all is doing the work.
Demi Lovato

Life is unfair and there are winners and losers, regardless of how much overprotective parents attempt to shield their offspring from reality.
Jen Lancaster

In a world where the law is constantly changes to oppress women, it is the duty of every woman to be aware of their rights and stand up for themselves.
Malala Yousafzai

The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.
Roseanne Barr

The unfairness of life for women is an unending cycle of silent acceptance and enduring strength.

I raise up my voice—not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard… We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.
Malala Yousafzai

A woman should be two things: who and what she wants.
Coco Chanel

Life is unfair captions

Some people are born into privilege, while others have to fight for every opportunity.

Why does life always seem to hand out lemons to some and not others?

Just when you think things are going well, life throws a curveball.

Why do some people have everything handed to them on a silver platter, while others struggle?

Life can be so unfair at times, it’s hard to keep going.

Just because you work hard, doesn’t mean life will treat you fairly.

Why do some people have all the luck, while others have none?

Why do the good people always seem to suffer the most?

Life’s not fair and sometimes it feels like the deck is stacked against you.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know – the unfairness of it all.

Why do some people have to face unimaginable hardships, while others sail through life?

When will life start treating me fairly for a change?

Just because you play by the rules, doesn’t mean life will be fair.

Life’s not always fair, but that’s no excuse to give up.

Why do the people who deserve it least, always seem to have the most?

Some people have to work twice as hard for half the recognition.

It’s not what you do, but who you know – the unfairness of life.

The cards dealt in life aren’t always fair, but it’s how we play them that matters.

Why do some people get all the breaks, while others struggle?

It’s not fair that some people’s lives are filled with ease, while others are filled with struggles.


These life is unfair quotes and sayings convey a sense of injustice and inequality, highlighting the fact that life can be tough and unpredictable. But within this sentiment, lies an acknowledgement that though life may be unfair, it is still worth striving for something better.

They remind us that we are not alone in our struggles and that by coming together, facing our challenges and seeking out positivity, we can find hope in the darkest of times. By cultivating gratitude, pursuing our passions, and helping others, we can learn to cope with the injustices of life and find true happiness.

We hope that you have found our collection of life is unfair quotes to be inspiring. If you found any of these life is unfair quotes to resonate with you, please share this article with others who may also find comfort in these words.

Let’s continue to support each other in our journey of life, together. Keep in mind that, it’s okay to not have all the answers and it’s okay to struggle. It’s the path of life and it’s totally natural. Remember that, you’re not alone and always reach out to others for help if you need.

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