100 Powerful Peace of Mind Quotes for Tranquility and Serenity

When it comes to finding inner peace, sometime we need some insightful peace of mind quotes to help still the mind and soothe the soul.

It is said that peace of mind is a state of thought, characterized by calmness and freedom from anxiety. Some people believe that it comes from within, while others think that it’s something that needs to be achieved.

Either way, having peace of mind can make a world of difference in your life. It can improve your physical health, mental well-being, and overall quality of life.

Achieving peace of mind can seem like a daunting task, but it is possible with a little effort and perseverance. Everyone has different techniques that work for them, but there are some commonalities that can help get you started on the path to inner peace.

If you’re looking for a little peace of mind, these quotes are sure to help. With words of wisdom from some of the most influential people in history, these insightful peace of mind quotes will help you relax and find inner peace.

So, take a deep breath, let these words wash over you, and find your Zen.

Inner peace of mind quotes

There are many things in life that can cause stress and anxiety, but sometimes all you need is a reminder that everything will be okay. These peace of mind quotes can help you relax and find inner peace:

He who has peace of mind disturbs neither himself nor another. — Epicurus

Health depends on being in harmony with our souls. — Edward Bach

People are basically the same the world over. Everybody wants the same things – to be happy, to be healthy, to be at least reasonably prosperous, and to be secure. They want friends, peace of mind, good family relationships, and hope that tomorrow is going to be even better than today. — Zig Ziglar

If you compromise with your own conscience, you will weaken your conscience. Soon your conscience will fail to guide you and you never will have real wealth based on peace of mind. — Napoleon Hill

Peace of mind quotes to help you relax 1

The greater the level of calmness of our mind, the greater our peace of mind, the greater our ability to enjoy a happy and joyful life. — Dalai Lama

The young should early be trained to bear being left alone; for it is a source of happiness and peace of mind. — Arthur Schopenhauer

Look in the perfumes of flowers and of nature for peace of mind and joy of life. — Wang Wei

And I refused to make any sacrifices; for nothing on earth seemed more valuable than my peace of mind, my pleasure and my acclaim. — George Sand

The very basis of true peace of mind is a benevolent wish to see all the world as happy as one’s self. — Susanna Rowson

Some people can find all the peace of mind they need in a good, satisfying conflict. — Ashleigh Brilliant

Positive peace of mind quotes

When the world around us is in chaos, it’s important to find inner peace. These peace of mind quotes will help you enhance your inner calm and bring a sense of tranquility to your life:

If you want peace, stop fighting. If you want peace of mind, stop fighting with your thoughts. — Peter McWilliams

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. — John Wooden

Expectations destroy our peace of mind. They are future disappointments, planned out in advance. — Elizabeth George

Anger cannot be overcome by anger. If someone is angry with you, and you show anger in return, the result is a disaster. On the other hand, if you control your anger and show its opposite – love, compassion, tolerance and patience – not only will you remain peaceful, but the other person’s anger will also diminish. — Dalai Lama

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. — Mother Teresa

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You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom. — Malcolm X

That which offends you only weakens you. Being offended creates the same destructive energy that offended you in the first place – so transcend your ego and stay in peace. — Wayne Dyer

Peace isn’t an experience free of challenges, free of rough and smooth, it’s an experience that’s expansive enough to include all that arises without feeling threatened. — Pema Chodron

Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind. — Gautama Buddha

Only the just man enjoys peace of mind. — Epicurus

Spiritual peace of mind quotes

When the world feels like it’s crumbling around you and your anxiety is through the roof, sometimes all you need is a few words of wisdom to bring you back to a state of inner peace. These peace of mind quotes will do just that:

I exist in the depths of solitude pondering my true goal trying find peace of mind and still preserve my soul. — Tupac Shakur

If you compromise with your own conscience, you will weaken your conscience. Soon your conscience will fail to guide you and you never will have real wealth based on peace of mind. — Napoleon Hill

To discover your mission and put it into action – instead of worrying on the sidelines – is to find peace of mind and a heart full of love. — Scilla Elworthy

In ease of body, peace of mind, all the different ranks of life are nearly upon a level and the beggar who suns himself by the side of the highway, possesses that security which kings are fighting for. — Adam Smith

Peace of mind quotes to bring you inner peace 3

Rushing around, hoping to find peace of mind anywhere other than within yourself, is like looking for your heart in someone else’s body! — Guy Finley

Fearlessness presupposes calmness and peace of mind. — Mahatma Gandhi

Acquire peace of mind by making the effort to become the best of which you are capable. — John Wooden

Whenever we practise meditation, whether or not our meditation is clear, we are performing a virtuous mental action that is a cause of our future happiness and peace of mind. — Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Never to wrong others takes one a long way towards peace of mind. — Seneca

Inner peace doesn’t come from getting what we want, but from remembering who we are. — Marianne Williamson

Quotes about peace of mind

When the world feels like it’s spinning out of control, it’s important to remember that peace of mind is always within reach. These peace of mind quotes will inspire you to find stillness in the midst of chaos and remind you that inner peace is the key to a happy life.

Radiate an energy of serenity and peace so that you have an uplifting effect on those you come into contact with. — Wayne Dyer

The world will be at war as long as the mind is at war with itself. If we can’t find peace within ourselves, where is the hope for peace in the world? — Byron Katie

If you keep in mind that love and love alone is the reason for living, it will calm your heart and free you from your worries. — Harold Klemp

Even if only a few individuals try to create mental peace and happiness within themselves, and act responsibly and kind-heartedly towards others, they will have a positive influence in their community. — Dalai Lama

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When you acquire enough inner peace and feel really positive about yourself, it’s almost impossible for you to be controlled and manipulated by anybody else. — Wayne Dyer

Exercise of the muscles keeps the body in health, and exercise of the brain brings peace of mind. — John Lubbock

Peace of mind comes from not wanting to change other, but by simply accepting them as they are. True acceptance is always without demands and expectations. — Gerald Jampolsky

Taking the time to meditate is as important as taking the time to breathe. One pumps oxygen into the body, the other pumps peace into the mind. — Marianne Williamson

Peace of mind for five minutes, that’s what I crave. — Alanis Morissette

Inspirational Peace of mind quotes

When life gets overwhelming and the to-do list seems endless, it’s important to take a step back and relax. Here peace of mind quotes to reminder that we have the power to control our thoughts and choose which ones we focus on.

When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there. — George Harrison

It is not the world that needs peace, it is people. When people in the world are at peace within, the world will be at peace. — Prem Rawat

Gratitude is one of the sweet shortcuts to finding peace of mind and happiness inside. No matter what is going on outside of us, there’s always something we could be grateful for. — Barry Neil Kaufman

I think it’s nice to age gracefully. OK, you lose the youth, a certain stamina and dewy glow, but what you gain on the inside as a human being is wonderful: the wisdom, the acceptance and the peace of mind. It’s a fair exchange. — Cherie Lunghi

Peace of mind quotes to relax and de-stress 5

Peace of mind produces right values, right values produce right thoughts. Right thoughts produce right actions. — Mark Richardson

The secret to peace of mind is to not identify with anything other than your true self. — Robert Adams

Money does not guarantee happiness or peace of mind, it can take your mind off things, distract you, but it can’t replace the generic stuff a person needs! — Terry McMillan

The only peace, the only security, is in fulfillment. — Henry Miller

Work and live to serve others, to leave the world a little better than you found it and garner for yourself as much peace of mind as you can. This is happiness. — David Sarnoff

Part of being a healthy person is being well integrated and at peace. — Candace Pert

Life peace of mind quotes

When you’re feeling lost, disconnected, or just plain old stressed out, turn to these spiritual peace of mind quotes to help you find your center again. Find the one that resonates most deeply, and hold on to it like a life raft. These words have the power to calm even the stormiest of souls.

What does a man seek in this world? A position, or a throne? Man seeks peace of mind and the fear of Almighty God. As long as one knows that there is a judgement day, he tries to keep his conscience clear and do what he can. — King Hussein I

Know that success and inner peace are your birthright, that you are a child of God and as such that you’re entitled to a life filled with joy, love and happiness. — Wayne Dyer

Peace comes not from the absence of trouble, but from the presence of God. — Alexander MacLaren

I always have kind of underneath feeling of peace of mind that I get from just the basic tenants of spirituality. — Sandra Bernhard

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others. — Peace Pilgrim

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. — Gautama Buddha

Human beings are of such nature that they should have not only material facilities but spiritual sustenance as well. Without spiritual sustenance, it is difficult to get and maintain peace of mind. — Dalai Lama

If your mind is at peace, but you have nothing else, you can be content with that. — Lao Tzu

Peace can reign only where there is no disturbance, and disturbance is due to thoughts that arise in the mind. — Ramana Maharshi

Emotional peace of mind quotes

When it comes to managing anxiety, sometimes all you need is a reassuring message to help ease your worries. These empowering peace of mind quotes can help give you the strength and courage to face your fears head on.

The only way to deal with an unfree world is by becoming so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. — Albert Camus

Simple life and peaceful mind are very close friends! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

A human being in perfection ought always to preserve a calm and peaceful mind and never to allow passion or a transitory desire to disturb his tranquility. — Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Nothing that occurs in life is random or without purpose. Lessons were found within each event in our lives that, positive or negative, ultimately instilled a peaceful mind in us. — Michelle Cruz

Problems arise only if we respond to difficulties with a negative state of mind. Therefore, if we want to be free from problems, we must transform our mind. — Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Meditation is a silent heart, a peaceful mind which can make life more lovable, more livable. — Rajneesh

There are many things that are essential to arriving at true peace of mind, and one of the most important is faith, which cannot be acquired without prayer. — John Wooden

Success in its highest and noblest form calls for peace of mind and enjoyment and happiness which come only to the man who has found the work that he likes best. — Napoleon Hill

Dedicate yourself to the good you deserve and desire for yourself. Give yourself peace of mind. You deserve to be happy. You deserve delight. — Mark Victor Hansen

If you are losing your peace in your quest for peace, you are not on the road to peace. The road to peace is peace. — Alan Cohen

Peace of mind quotes inspiration

It is said that peace of mind is a state of being mentally and emotionally calm. When we are at peace, we feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Here are some uplifting peace of mind quotes to free you from worry, fear, and stress.

Exercise is the key not only to physical health but to peace of mind. — Nelson Mandela

We need to understand how destructive emotions affect us and constructive emotions can help us, so that we can maintain our peace of mind. — Dalai Lama

You do what you know is good, because it’s good, and then you have a certain peace of mind, saying, you’ve been an activist in a constructive way. — Ray McGovern

While I believe in the power of positive thought, I do not believe that you or I can simply psyche ourselves into success or peace of mind. — Stephen Covey

For every worry under the sun, there is a remedy or there is none. If there be one, hurry and find it. If there be none, then never mind it. — LeGrand Richards

Persistence with patience and prayer pays with profits, prosperity and peace of mind. — Voltaire

You have to acquire a personal peace of mind which comes with understanding. — Sandy Woodward

The fire of love and the cold of time, deprive my sweet love of his peace of mind. — Lope de Vega

Not by blaming the world, not by shunning the world, but only be loving the world can I have peace of mind. — Sri Chinmoy

My tendency to make up stories and lie compulsively for the sake of my own amusement takes up a good portion of my day and provides me with a peace of mind not easily attainable in this economic climate. — Chelsea Handler

Daily peace of mind quotes

If you’re in need of a reminder to take a deep breath and relax, read on for some daily peace of mind quotes to live by. Take a deep breath and let these words of wisdom wash over you.

There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life-happiness, freedom and peace of mind-are always attained by giving them to someone else. — Peyton C. March

Tranquil as a forest, but on fire within, once you find your center, you are sure to win. — David Zippel

When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subside and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arises from within. — Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

You find that you have peace of mind and can enjoy yourself, get more sleep, and rest when you know that it was a one hundred percent effort that you gave – win or lose. — Gordie Howe

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. — Marcus Aurelius

I release all fears and doubts. I accept myself and create peace in my mind and heart. I now choose to free myself from all destructive fears and doubts. I am loved and I am safe. — Louise Hay

The more objects you set your heart upon, the more thorns there are to tear your peace of mind to shreds. — Charles Spurgeon

When a thoughtful human being has overcome incentives to vice and is aware of having done his bitter duty, he finds himself in a state that could be called happiness, a state of contentment and peace of mind in which virtue is its own reward. — Immanuel Kant

Peace of mind, joy and happiness cannot be purchased with money or worldly goods. — Spencer W. Kimball

What always gives me peace of mind is that the best are the best. People who float to the top will always float to the top. — Jon M. Chu

My peace of mind quotes

It’s important to accept life for what it is and not get caught up in how you think things should be. These peace of mind quotes will inspire you to live a happy life.

Watch your manner of speech if you wish to develop a peaceful state of mind. — Norman Vincent Peale

Everybody wants a happy life and a peaceful mind, but we have to produce peace of mind through our own practice. — Dalai Lama

Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we’re frantic, life will be frantic. If we’re peaceful, life will be peaceful. And so our goal in any situation becomes inner peace. — Marianne Williamson

An everlasting tranquility is, in my imagination, the highest possible felicity, because I know of no felicity on earth higher than that which a peaceful mind and contented heart afford. — Johann Georg Ritter von Zimmermann

Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles and values and in no other way. — Stephen Covey

Watch your manner of speech if you wish to develop a peaceful state of mind. Start each day by affirming peaceful, contented and happy attitudes and your days will tend to be pleasant and successful. — Norman Vincent Peale

Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it. — Brian Tracy

A truly peaceful mind is very sensitive, very aware. — Dalai Lama

What I believe, according to my own experience, is that a calm, peaceful mind is a very important element for sustaining the body in a balanced way. — Dalai Lama

The most beautiful face is always the face of the peaceful mind! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

Final thought

In our fast-paced, constantly-connected world, it’s more important than ever to find ways to achieve peace of mind. Whether it’s through meditation, spending time in nature, or simply disconnecting from technology for a few hours each day, there are many ways to find inner peace.

When we take the time to focus on our mental and emotional wellbeing, we’re able to lead happier, more productive lives.

The peace of mind quotes above provide a lot of comfort and relief to people who are feeling stressed or anxious. These quotes can help people to feel calmer and more relaxed, and can even provide some insight into how to deal with difficult situations.

If you are feeling down, try reading some peace of mind quotes. You may just find the perfect one to help you feel better.

Did you enjoy our collection of peace of mind quotes? What is your one? Would you like to add another one here? Write your thought in the comment section below.

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